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Picture this: you receive messages from people asking you to stop sending them invitations to buy anatomy enhancing medications, or send them money as they have been stranded overseas, or maybe just a link to a website that discharges a virus when visit… more »


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To avoid having your internet access restricted by protective mail servers and service providers, and also avoid the thieves and cyber scoundrels that are ever present but all the more difficult to handle when travelling, follow these suggestions. Enab… more »


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I'm sometimes asked why a client's messages are rejected or bounced by one or two recipients. We all have an address on the internet ? that is how an email message knows where to go. The problem is that when a suspected spammer or other person with… more »


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Contrary to all the advice that I and others have given to keep passwords secret, there is one occasion where it can help to have a trusted friend with knowledge. I recently received an email purporting to come from a client as follows: I'm writi… more »
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