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I think it may be interesting for readers to know that the following graph shows wireless signal strength over a period of 90 seconds as measured from a laptop positioned 2 metres from a router in the same room using the 2.4 GHz frequency band.   This… more »


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It's been publicly available for a month and in public beta test for several before that so all the teething troubles that are going to be found and removed probably have been.  So should you upgrade ?   If you are reasonably competent with administe… more »


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Having now installed Windows 10 several times a few gotchas and tips are ready to leave my fingertips.  Things normally go well but I have personally encountered two failed installs so it is essential to take an image of your disk before you make (or al… more »


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A decent new printer/copier/scanner will cost about £65 currently so should you ditch the old printer at the first sign of a missed line ? No.  Although it is not worth spending too much time trying to resurrect a typical domestic printer there are a… more »


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Windows 10 (the last such release of Windows - the '10' to be gradually dropped) is due for release at the end of this month and will be a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1 users.  I have a pre-release beta test version running on a PC here in my works… more »


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Say you find yourself in a cheap motel on the wrong side of the tracks.  There's no ethernet signal available but you can pick up a mobile phone signal.  You can use your smart phone to make the internet available to other devices - tethering - can be d… more »


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When I am given a laptop to repair I always ask for the power adapter.  This is not because I don't have a perfectly good £30 universal adapter of my own, but so that I can measure the voltage and check the current.  It's a bit like air dusting and vacu… more »

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