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When the time comes to move away from an internet service provider that is hosting a client's email I always suggest consideration of a provate domain. So in the email address the is my private doma… more »


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Operating system. Windows is so common that others may not be given sufficient thought. Apples OSX is good but unless you are used to it some familiarisation training time should be allowed for, and the implied cost is much more than Windows. Chro… more »


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Surprisingly I have just come upon yet another article that I think would fit well here and is written at least as well as I would write it myself. It answers a lot of the com… more »


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It's strange how a problem may not crop up for a year or two then it pops up two or three times in quick succession. I suppose the expression about busses, taxis, policemen, and prostitutes must have originated for much the same reason. The scenario… more »


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Most people (90%) can now get broadband over fibre connections so speeds are usually fast relative to those of yesteryear. But there can be a big difference between ISPs that is harder to assess than the comparison websites would have you believe. Th… more »


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For many people there are two places where incoming email can be scanned and marked as probable spam, the repository that receives the message, and the mail client used to display it. If either gets it wrong you will either see messages that should be… more »


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It seems that ransomware is in theassurgent; not only are the reported (tip of icebergof course) cases on the increase but the deft aplomb with which the customer service representatives of the crooks respond to requests for technical support indica… more »

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