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For years I have been advising people buying a new computer to shun all off-the-shelf outlets in favour of specialist online only retailers. See I am comforted to read support for this position in this mo… more »


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Occasionally an internet connection drops periodically, this is normal and usually not noticed. But sometimes it drops frequently or regularly (or both). When this happens we can often diagnose it as being external factors that the internet servic… more »


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Anyone using any of the Microsoft domains for email (Live, Outlook, MSN, Hotmail) will need to make a change if they are using Windows Live Mail at the end of this month. The options are to Switch to the webmail interface. You can try this out no… more »


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Adblockers are software intercfaces that strip out adverts from web pages. Detractors suggest that by blocking advertisements the publishers will have to turn to other less palatable methods of realising income e.g. subscriptions. Also, they are an… more »


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For any who succumbed to Microsoft's tempting offer of using OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) for online storage that can be linked and several devices, know that the rug is about to be pulled from your feet. On 27th July the amount of free storage that c… more »


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Windows 10 is now stable enough to enable me to suggest that most people should be upgrading their computer now. There are occasionally problems with sound and virus protection but these can be easily resolved. Nevertheless, I still recommend a vali… more »


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As Microsoft's File History (pretty much the same as what Apple have called Time Machine for donkey's years) is now being used by more people than before, it is pertinent to warn/advise that by default it only backs up Libraries, Desktop, Favourites, an… more »

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