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The word on the street is that Windows 9 will, as OS X and Linux have for years, support virtual desktops – the ability to group many programs’ windows and move the whole lot on/off the display together.  The functionality is available now free by runni… more »


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Most email services limit the size of attachments to around 25 MB or less.  But sometimes you want to send one-off larger files right ?  Here are some options to consider; most free. Create a Dropbox account and share a folder.  2GB is free but this… more »


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The perennial problem of how to maximise the possible broadband speed continues to cross my inbox. First some ground rules: You cannot change the most common significant limitation - the distance between your house and the exchange Changing to a… more »


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Picture this: you receive messages from people asking you to stop sending them invitations to buy anatomy enhancing medications, or send them money as they have been stranded overseas, or maybe just a link to a website that discharges a virus when visit… more »


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I'm sometimes asked why a client's messages are rejected or bounced by one or two recipients. We all have an address on the internet – that is how an email message knows where to go.  The problem is that when a suspected spammer or other person with ne… more »


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Contrary to all the advice that I and others have given to keep passwords secret, there is one occasion where it can help to have a trusted friend with knowledge.  I recently received an email purporting to come from a client as follows:  I'm writing… more »


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The golden rule is to assume that your Facebook (and other) accounts will be broken into one day.  Your next potential employer or your ex-spouse's lawyer will be pouring over it.  Don't ever publish anything you would object to being posted on a bill b… more »

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