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Say you find yourself in a cheap motel on the wrong side of the tracks.  There's no ethernet signal available but you can pick up a mobile phone signal.  You can use your smart phone to make the internet available to other devices - tethering - can be d… more »


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When I am given a laptop to repair I always ask for the power adapter.  This is not because I don't have a perfectly good £30 universal adapter of my own, but so that I can measure the voltage and check the current.  It's a bit like air dusting and vacu… more »


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One of the items on my suggested housekeeping tasks is to check the state of your surge protector.  Some people don't bother or worse, don't even have one. All mains connected electrical equipment worth more than about £10 (the cost of a cheap surge pr… more »


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So here’s the thing – if you are kind enough to invite me round for dinner and afterwards place a cup of coffee before me I will feel bad.  I’d appreciate the gesture but I don’t drink coffee so I would either have to drink it (yuk) to avoid upsetting y… more »


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It is sometimes interesting to know how your broadband speed is varying over time, or perhaps check on the quality of your line graphically.  Two free tools that help this are Jack Dinn's AutoSpeedTester available from  Th… more »


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Most printers bought today have a wireless card and so can be used from any device anywhere. This can happen in different ways. Typically you will run the printer manufacturer's installation program on your computer that will guide you through settin… more »


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The word on the street is that Windows 9 will, as OS X and Linux have for years, support virtual desktops – the ability to group many programs’ windows and move the whole lot on/off the display together.  The functionality is available now free by runni… more »

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