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I have previously written about the waste of time and resources that are programs, usually initially free, that suggest they can improve performance, enhance your registry, or pretty much any other simple maintenance task. There are a catagory of progr… more »


I think it may be interesting for readers to know that the following graph shows wireless signal strength over a period of 90 seconds as measured from a laptop positioned 2 metres from a router in the same room using the 2.4 GHz frequency band.   This… more »


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It's been publicly available for a month and in public beta test for several before that so all the teething troubles that are going to be found and removed probably have been.  So should you upgrade ?   If you are reasonably competent with administe… more »


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Having now installed Windows 10 several times a few gotchas and tips are ready to leave my fingertips.  Things normally go well but I have personally encountered two failed installs so it is essential to take an image of your disk before you make (or al… more »


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A decent new printer/copier/scanner will cost about £65 currently so should you ditch the old printer at the first sign of a missed line ? No.  Although it is not worth spending too much time trying to resurrect a typical domestic printer there are a… more »


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Windows 10 (the last such release of Windows - the '10' to be gradually dropped) is due for release at the end of this month and will be a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1 users.  I have a pre-release beta test version running on a PC here in my works… more »


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Say you find yourself in a cheap motel on the wrong side of the tracks.  There's no ethernet signal available but you can pick up a mobile phone signal.  You can use your smart phone to make the internet available to other devices - tethering - can be d… more »

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