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Vist sleep button


Vist sleep button

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Q: I run Windows Vista Home Premium on a desktop PC, and the Shut Down button, which was on the Taskbar, has vanished completely, along with the "lock toolbars" function. How can I get these buttons back?

A: If you are familiar with the style and layout of Windows XP machine, then switching to the Vista operating system can be something of a visual culture shock. The quick and simple way to get Vista's Start switch-off options looking like Windows XP is to right-click on the Start button, select Properties and select Classic Start menu. If you want to stay with the Vista look, you have several choices. There are nine options for shutting down ? two icons, and seven menu actions ? but Microsoft would like you to learn to love Vista's new and improved "Sleep" mode, which is what happens when you click the Off button on the Start menu (or the Off button on your PC). The Shut Down option has been moved to the small drop-down menu to the right of the padlock icon (the missing Lock mode). If you want to make the Off button on the Start menu shut down the PC, go to Search on the Start button and type "power" then select Power Options. Under your selected Power Plan click "Change Plan Settings" then "Change advanced power settings". Scroll down the list to Power buttons, double-click "Start menu power button" and change the setting from Sleep to Shut Down.

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