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Which ISP for broadband ?


Which ISP for broadband ?

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There was a time when I would survey the market each time a client asked this question. Now though I find PlusNet's offerings so much better than the competition I invariably recommend them.

There are a couple of alternatives worthy of mention though:

For speed demons, Be Unlimited at 18 a month will deliver up to 24Mbps. Note, your line length and quality must be suitable or the quality and hence, speed will drop off. They have 24 hour support but there is a 3 month minimum contract period.

"Free" services. There are two common such services:

TalkTalk. To get the "free" broadband you have to sign up to the Talk3 package for 18 months ! If they are offering the best phone package for you anyway, then you may be interested in the terms of their broadband service, but check out comments on the web about their customer service.

Sky. To qualify for the "free" broadband service you have to have signed up to their satellite TV service for a minimum of 15 a month. The broadband is limited to 2Mbps and if they choose to change their pricing structure in the 12 months you are committed, you are in a quandary.

The best debunking of the "free" myth is at Free broadband ? so where?s the catch?

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