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Call me first !!


Call me first !!

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I have just put down the phone on a long time client whom I have not seen for over a year since I repaired his PC. Without getting my advice first, he has bought a new PC and wireless kit from the local store. He spent a lot of time configuring the PC and has slipped up necessitating a recovery of his system. But he has put his photos on the PC, and by following the manufacturers recovery instructions has lost all the photos ! Also, his new WiFi does not work in his house.

I can help this fellow a bit but his photos are irretrievably lost I'm afraid. It will end up costing him much much more than would be the case had he just dropped me an e-mail outlining his plans or requirements before buying anything.

Throughout my career (that's over 24 years) I have seen countless examples of people making a decision without taking advice first, then having to call the likes of me in to make the best job of what is available. Invariably this costs far more than a consultancy at the planning stage would (generously assuming any planning is actually undertaken).

So before switching broadband suppliers, buying a piece of equipment or making other radical changes, seek advice. For existing clients this is usually free.

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