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Selecting multiple files in Vista


Selecting multiple files in Vista

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Vista has a neat way of selecting multiple files. As you doubtless know, in all versions of Windows you can select a range of files by selecting the first, holding down Shift, then selecting a second. Alternatively you can make a non-contiguous selection by holding down Control and picking individual files. Both these methods require careful mousing - if you click on a file having let go of Control or Shift you lose the entire selection. Vista has a setting in Folder and Search Options, View to 'Use check boxes to select items'. If you enable this, then when you hover over a file or folder a checkbox will appear beside it. Click on the box and that file will be selected without having to hold down any other key. You can keep adding to the selection by clicking on other checkboxes - don't click on the filenames or, as per previous versions, you'll lose the selection.

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