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AppleMac converts this way


AppleMac converts this way

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I have just delivered a new Vista based computer to a client who wanted the data from his old computers transferred to the new. Nothing remarkable about that, except that the computers I moved data from were a Windows 95 PC and an Apple Macintosh Performa 450 both dating from 1992.

The Mac was the biggest challenge as the disk uses a SCSI interface formatted for Mac computers and the word processor used was the long abandoned Claris Works version 1.

I used an Adaptec 2904 PCI-to-Fast SCSI-2 adapter card to physically connect the old disk. To mount it in a format Windows would understand I used MacDrive7 and to automatically convert the Claris documents to MS Word, I used Conversions Plus.

I'm pleased to say that it all worked very well.

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