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Wireless connection lost on resumption from Standby or Hibernation


Wireless connection lost on resumption from Standby or Hibernation

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This is a common problem I'm afraid and usually caused by the USB network adapter not waking up as it should. Power to USB devices like this comes from the system, and that is cut off when you go into Standby. When you resume from standby, power is resumed but there is no communication to the adapter to tell it to search out a new connection.

The way around this problem is to either:

1. Disable then enable the wireless connection. This can be done by right clicking the double monitors icon in the system tray (on the right of the toolbar). This could be 'automated' by creating an icon on the desktop to run a macro to do both tasks using DevCon (e.g. devcon find pci\* to find the wireless card then devcon disable *168C
devcon enable *168C [replace 168C with the return from the find command]) or

2. Rather than use hibernation or standby mode, set the power saving options to turn the monitor and hard disk drive off after x minutes of inactivity. This is done by right clicking the desktop, select properties then choose the Screen Saver tab and click the Power... button or

3. Switch to a PCI connected network adapter rather than a USB one.

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