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Anti-virus & Internet Security suggestions


Anti-virus & Internet Security suggestions

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I have just read on the BBC website that there are five times as many variants of malicious programs in circulation in 2007 compared to 2006.

These days all PCs need protection as there are so many routes for bad code to violate your computer. In addition to anti-virus it is essential to have a firewall and worthwhile getting some protection from spam, phishing and spyware programs. Additionally, possibly, extra features such as parental control, identity protection and intrusion detection, so a total Internet Security package is really required.

I read through many reviews of such products that compare ease of use, startup speed, scan time, effectiveness and various other metrics, and as a result I am currently suggesting either BitDefender or Panda packages, depending on the individual requirements. The big advantage of BitDefender is that is costs 23.57 for 1 PC for 1 year compared to Panda at 42.99. BitDefender also has a 'gaming mode' that users of slow old PCs will appreciate. However, Panda does offer intrusion detection and better cover for users of browsers other than Internet Explorer. Panda also has backup and tune-up facilities although these are fairly basic.

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