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On-line backup repositories


On-line backup repositories

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We all know how important it is to take backup copies of the important documents that have changed recently.

On-line backup in one option, although rather slow and not suitable for huge amounts of data, but as long as you are happy with the security, you can pass responsibility for looking after the stored data to someone else.

There are commercial sites such as RBack (http://www.rback.co.uk/) but also a couple of interesting free options.

Humyo (http://www.humyo.com/Pages/Home) will give you 30GB for free, although to get the fancy features like a desktop client, encryption and 100GB you need to pay them about 30 a year.

Gspace (http://www.getgspace.com/index.html) have rather cleverly enabled you to use the 6GB that Google gives away with their mail product. You can hold photos, music and other documents all transferred from your regular browser. And if 6GB is not enough space - just apply for another free Gmail account and pick up 6 more.

Edit: 26 Dec 08
Two other services that are worth review are http://www.webroot.co.uk and http://www.carbonite.com

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