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Politeness, manners and netiquette


Politeness, manners and netiquette

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I have been prompted to note the following suggestions relating to e-mail, usenet, blog, fora and other similar postings.

As a matter of curtsey I strip out e-mail addresses from people unknown to one another (either by using BCC or a distribution list).

Forwarding mass mailings is certainly frowned upon as I described in my blog at http://www.1computercare.co.uk/blog/index.php/2008/03/?blog=5#item_73

Another irritant is e-mail that is in a super large, obscure, UPPER CASE or multi-coloured font. That, in itself, is usually enough to have me clicking my 'spam' button.

Whilst on the subject, I always include the text of the message I am replying to below my message, and with all other background mails removed.

Further, it is unwise to include passwords, bank or card details in unencrypted e-mail, as it should always be assumed that e-mails are publicly available to anyone on any of the multiple computers that the mail passes through on its journey.

Also, remember to read through mail before sending - do not use language that is intemporate or capable of being misunderstood without accompanying facial expressions or tonal changes (emoticons may help with this).

Removing grammatical, formatting and spelling errors makes for an easier read.

Finally, politeness demands, in my opinion, acknowledging receipt of e-mails within 24 hours if a substantive reply is not possible within that time.

And including appropriate opening and closing salutations engenders a warmer receipt.

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