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Auto complete in Word 2007


Auto complete in Word 2007

Permalink 10:24:35 pm by Eugene Gardner, Categories: Technical Tips

How infuriating is it to have 20th July 2008 turned into 20th July 2008-07-20 by Word 2007 ? Worse - there's no easy way to disable it that I know of. So here's the hard way:

From the View tab select Macros then View Macros enter ShowAutoComplete then click the Create button.

In the text of the macro type

Sub ShowAutoComplete()
End Sub

Save and run this macro to get the old Autocomplete dialog box back, from where you can uncheck the Show AutoComplete Suggestions check box.

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Comment from: kieron [Member] Email
Many Thanks, you have just made my wife very happy
28/07/08 @ 21:03
Trackback from: Boule De Lavage [Visitor]
wonderful writing style. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
15/10/09 @ 20:22
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