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Updating drivers and installing software


Updating drivers and installing software

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Driver updates are generally not recommended by me unless one is trying to resolve a particular problem that an update is claimed to address, or at the time of a maintenance service. This is because any problems caused are generally acute due to the close relationship with the operating system. In any case, I recommend backing up the existing drivers (possibly using DriverMax available from http://www.drivermax.com/index.htm) before hand. Although Microsoft Update and other third parties are able to deliver some drivers, my experience is that problems are sometimes avoided by getting the latest drivers direct from the manufacturer?s website.

The safest way to update any software is to
? Download the latest version from the original source
? Scan it for viruses
? Backup anything that is about to be changed
? Uninstall previous copies
? Restart the PC
? Disconnect from the Internet (unless the installation insists that this is not done)
? Disable antivirus software
? Perform the update or installation
? Enable antivirus software
? Reconnect to the Internet.

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