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Anti Virus and Internet Security suggestions for the year.


Anti Virus and Internet Security suggestions for the year.

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As Autumn appears, so do the 2009 editions of most anti-virus and Internet Security suites. Having read through all the reviews and comparisons I could find, I am short listing two products for consideration. Each comes as a regular product or enhanced with extras such as firewall and spam protection. Prices are approximate for 1 PC 1 year's subscription.

  • Eset's NOD32 Antivirus Home (30) or Smart Security (40)
  • Kaspersky's Anti-Virus 2009 (30) or Internet Security 2009 (40)

Although inferior to the above, if a free product is required, Avira AntiVir Personal is better than most. Note that it is basic anti-virus only.

Remember to completely uninstall any current anti-virus products and restart the PC before installing a new one.

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