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Sending SMS text messages via e-mail


Sending SMS text messages via e-mail

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I don?t find my mobile phone is good for much excepting emergency use, as I would not take a call when in conversation or with a client as I consider it rude, and when driving I am not able to take notes. It follows that I am not a fan of SMS texts and anyway, my thumbs are way too big for that kind of activity.

So when a text message is required to be sent I am happy to compose and send it via a Web or e-mail interface. My provider allows several free messages to be sent from http://sendtxt.o2.co.uk/sendtxt/action/compose or there are generic providers such as http://www.tech-faq.com/free-sms.shtml this is good if you do not know the provider.

Knowing the recipient?s number and provider though, enables me to send using one of the following (free to use) e-mail addresses that are much easier and provide a record of sent text:

T-Mobile number@t-mobile.uk.net
Orange number@orange.net
O2 number@o2.co.uk
Vodafone number@vodafone.net
Virgin Mobile number@vxtras.com

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