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Watt a waste of money


Watt a waste of money

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Having just moved to a new workshop double the size of its predecessor, I have had to decide what to plug in where now that I have more sockets than I need (all with surge protection built in). I have to determine what to put on the bank of sockets controlled by a master isolator switch. So I wanted to assess how much power each of my peripherals was drawing when not in use.

The results show that I have been burning over 100 watts all night every night, even after I shut down the computers and left the room. Over the course of a year that is not much short of 100 being wasted.

The following table gives the power used in watts for the devices I used to leave on when not in use.

UPS 22
2 * HomePlugs 6
PC when off 6
Monitor in standby 1
Modem 4
Router 5
Switch 4
Phone 4
Speakers 2
NAS 44
Printer on standby 10
Mouse cradle 1
Mobile charger 1

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