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E-mails and Netiquette


E-mails and Netiquette

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The following list of suggestions comes from a presentation I recently delivered.

  • Reply within 24 hours. At least acknowledge receipt if substantive reply not possible.
  • Periodically check spam/junk filter locations for false positives.
  • Avoid language that may be construed as intemperate when read through without benefit of facial expressions or tonal changes.
  • Before taking offence at a received message, consider whether the author intended the remark to be sarcastically humourous.
  • Use lower case (i.e. DON'T SHOUT) with emoticons :-)
  • Include one level of history underneath your reply.
  • Hide addresses not intimately involved in the conversation (BCC them to protect privacy and minimise vulnarability to ID theft).
  • Don?t forward spoofs, hoaxes or virus warnings. Ever.
  • Don?t click a hyperlink (type the address into a browser to protect against phishing attacks).

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