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New Years Resolutions


New Years Resolutions

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Here's a few basic things that can help your wallet and computational enjoyment.

  • When buying a new PC do not buy off the shelf.
  • Use a surge protector and check that it is still functioning periodically.
  • Every few months, follow the housekeeping guide as suggested at http://www.1computercare.co.uk/housekeeping.htm
  • Especially, don't forget to take backup copies of important files and then confirm that they are indeed useable.
  • Wipe the disk and reinstall Windows every three years. Performance will improve as all the accumulated rubbish is gone.
  • If you do see a blue screen indicating that Windows has failed, or if you suspect virus activity, turn the PC off and seek help. Do not try a 'recovery' or even have one last attempt to see if it is now working as every such activity is significantly reducing the possibility of salvaging the files you have not backed up.
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