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Dual booting


Dual booting

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I have recently set up three different clients with dual boot configurations - that is: the ability when you switch the computer on to select which operating system you want to run. This is done by dividing up the disk (partitioning) into three sections: one for each operating system and a third for the shared data (photos, music etc.)

  • The first was Windows XP and Linux (Mint Distro) to give the user the opportunity to evaluate Linux as a free alternative to Windows.
  • Then XP as it had been used for four years on one partition and a new installation of XP on the other. This let the user get used to a much faster clean install without giving up the option of using programs the source files and/or product keys of which were long lost.
  • Finally was Windows XP and Windows 7 to give the user time to ease into the new user interface while keeping a slippered foot in the door of the comfortable.

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