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Bad broadband signal ? Invest in a quality splitter aka microfilter.


Bad broadband signal ? Invest in a quality splitter aka microfilter.

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If you are a long way from the exchange and want to make the most of what you get, here are two top tips:

  1. Connect your router to the master socket - the one closest to the point where your phone line enters the property. Now use a wired connection (Ethernet if you can position the wire safely or mains electrical circuit with a couple of adapters otherwise) to transport the signal to your computer(s).
  2. So small and oft forgotten, microfilters account for many a poor broadband signal. Generally speaking, skip the tiny devices that plug right into the socket and use either one built in to the socket itself, or one with a little tail. It is worth spending a little more to get a quality components. Better ones will contain something like

    • 1 Spark Gap
    • 4 Ferrite cores
    • 5 Diodes
    • 5 Capacitors
    • 7 Resistors
    • 2 Transistors

    Cheap devices are smaller as they may contain only

    • 1 Ferrite core (2 coils)
    • 1 Diode
    • 2 Capacitors
    • 2 Resistors

    and can not do a decent job of filtering the high frequency broadband from the lower frequency analogue voice signals. If your phone line sounds anything other than crystal clear, disconnect all other devices connected to the phone line and see if the problem remains. If it does, replace the microfilter with one costing no less than 5.

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