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Security - Android & Phishing


Security - Android & Phishing

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Although there is a high degree of security built in to iPhone and iPad applications (by virtue of only being available via the Apple Store), note that Android based phones and tablets are inherently insecure - 44% of such devices that are infected call premium rate numbers without your (initial) knowledge according to the Juniper Global Threat Center. The lesson is to always use protection.

Many people know that phishing is the luring of good folks into entering private information into dodgy websites by sending links through e-mail; or possibly just sending people to infected websites that can silently install a drive-by virus. How good do you think you are at identifying such sites ? There are a couple of places that can test your prowess in a fun way:

In my opinion the first question on the PayPal site is incorrectly marked, but otherwise these may be eye openers.

For a degree of automated protection from phishers, set your DNS (ideally in your router/DHCP server rather than each PC individually) to the OpenDNS one of or Google at

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