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Problem steps recorder


Problem steps recorder

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Often I am phoned and asked to remotely connect to a computer to demonstrate, explain or investigate something. I find TeamViewer the best such product for this as it is easy to install (most of my clients already have it installed by me), can allow us both to watch the screen and rake control, security is assured and restarting the PC or file copying are made easy.

But this only works if there is an Internet connection - sometimes there is not. As explained on my web page there are several ways to record an error message or the steps leading up to a problem that don't entail my watching.

The best is included in Windows 7 so is free and already installed in many cases: Just click the orb/start button and type in PSR then press enter. Once you press Start Record you will now be able to reproduce something on the PC and have each keystroke, mouse click and screen image recorded. This continues until you click Stop Record when you are asked to type in a name for a file to be saved. This can then be sent to me for analysis. If you have an Internet connection, there is even a Send E-mail recipient... menu option if you click the right most down arrow.

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