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10 tips to help weight loss


10 tips to help weight loss

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Forget temporary diets unless you want temporary weight loss. Excess BMI can only be recovered by reducing calorific intake and/or increasing calories burnt by exercise to reach an equilibrium. Science proves the following will help.

  1. Don't skip meals, take three per day
  2. The psychological effect of reducing plate size from 12" to 10" will help to lower total intake. When no longer hungry stop eating; it's ok to leave something on the plate.
  3. Eat low calorie low carbohydrate food variants
  4. Avoid chocolate & alcohol
  5. High protein foods stave off hunger pangs
  6. Thick soup or smoothies keep you feeling fuller longer than equivalent solids
  7. The wider the choice the more we eat so minimise food types per meal
  8. Low fat high calcium dairy increases fat excreted & reduces fat absorbtion
  9. Exercising causes fat loss for 16 hours after the event so spread exercise over the week
  10. Stand rather than sit & keep moving where possible even if only gently

When the target weight is reached and regular diet/exercise resumed, continue weekly weight monitoring to avoid yoyo effect.

1st August edit: Since following the 10 suggestions mentioned here I have consistently lost 1 pound each week. The only 'suffering' has been a mid-evening chocolate craving, mitigated by alternate distractions.

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