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Femtocells to boost mobile signals


Femtocells to boost mobile signals

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After a slow start it seems femtocells are taking off. These are divices about the size of your router that connect to the router and use your broadband signal to carry the mobile phone signal. In effect, you have your own wireless tower in your house so rather than standing on a chair at the bottom of the garden to get the illusive second bar that allows half decent communication, you get a constant 5 bars for up to 4 registered phones within 25 - 200 meters.

For example, Vodafone will sell you what they brand as a Sure Signal for about 100.

O2 have a similar arrangement that they brand Boostbox but it is currently only available to contract customers who complain about poor signal coverage.

The 3 network have a stock of such devices too - they brand them Home Signal.

The devices can be bought second hand on eBay or separately, although you would be wise to check with your provider that they are compatible with their network before you buy. A selection of independent products is listed at Ubiquisys.

There's a good tutorial on femtocells over at Radio-Electronics.com

I'd love to hear from any reader with real life experiences of these devices. Or just comment below this post.

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