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Keyboard shortcuts - principally for Windows 8


Keyboard shortcuts - principally for Windows 8

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Win                 toggles between start screen & app
Win + C             shows the charms menu
Win + D             gets you to the desktop or clears it if 
                    already visible
Win + E             open File Explorer
Win + I             displays the settings charm	
Win + R             opens the Run dialog box
Win + L             Locks the screen 
Win + X             Displays admin menu
Win + Q             Search Apps
Win + W             Search settings
Win + F             Search files
Win + right(left) arrow docks the window to the right (left)
                    half of the screen.
Win + . (period)    divides the screen to enable a background 
                    App to be concurrently visible on the
                    desktop if you drag it there from the 
                    list that appears when you mouse over 
                    the top left corner.
Ctrl + S            Saves
Ctrl + C, X, C      copies, cuts and pastes selected text
Ctrl + A            selects All items
Ctrl, Shift + Esc   opens the Task Manager
Ctrl, Alt + Del     allows you to lock, switch user, 
                    log out or change password
Alt + Tab           lets you switch to other traditional 
                    programs or Apps.
Shift + End(home)   selects the remaining(previous) text 
                    on the line
Ctrl + mouse wheel  semantic zoom 

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