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Windows 8 tips & tricks


Windows 8 tips & tricks

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To Boot straight into desktop.

  1. From the start screen type 'schedule' and run the task scheduler
  2. Select Task Scheduler Library on the left, open the Action menu from the toolbar, and select Create Task.
  3. Give it an appropriate name.
  4. Choose the Triggers tab, select New, on the top select ?At log on?, and hit OK.
  5. Choose the Actions tab, select New, for the Program/Script value enter 'explorer', and hit OK.

Search is easier than browsing.
From the start screen (or Win + Q) type a few characters. Apps matching those characters are displayed on the left, but you can drill down by selecting Settings, Files or a particular app/program on the right.

To shutdown the PC you could do a Win + i then select the Power option, but wouldn't it be easier to have a desktop icon and App tile. Right click the desktop and choose New, shortcut. Enter 'shutdown -hybrid -s -t 00' and name it appropriately. Now copy it to

By default the new Apps are used to open a file; but many are minimal versions of the full flavoured functionality of traditional desktop programs. To change the default programs get to the start screen then type 'default' and run the default programs program.

There are many Apps in the Store and there's no reason to miss out on them if you normally stay in the desktop. To create a shortcut to the folder from which all Apps and programs may be launched, right click the desktop and select New Shortcut then in the Location field enter:
%windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{4234d49b-0245-4df3-b780-3893943456e1}
Name it appropriately and Bob's your uncle. Win + Q does much the same.

To close an App either

  • Click the top and drag it to the bottom of the screen or
  • Alt + F4 or
  • right click its icon (top left of screen) and select 'close'

To create a sort of start menu on the taskbar, make sure hidden files can be seen (in File Explorer) then right click the task bar and choose Toolbars > New Toolbar... and browse to

Restore the Start button to the halcyon Windows 7 days.
This requires a little program, something like
ViStart (free, recommended), Start8 ($4.99), or Windows 8 Tweaker (free).

To enable automated logon, Win + R then netplwiz and uncheck the appropriate box.

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