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Disposal and recycling of old PCs and monitors


Disposal and recycling of old PCs and monitors

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Since introduction of The WEEE Directivein 2007 and limitations (real or imagined) imposed by health and safety legislation, getting rid of your old computer became harder. Before disposing of your computer, remember to [have me] completely erase all personal data off the disk drive in such a way that it can not be recovered by those interested in identify theft. This can be done either leaving Windows intact for the benefit of future users or for a more thorough and guarenteed removel of all personal data the entire disk drive can be wiped clean - in this case a new copy of Windows or other operating system will have to be bought and installed before use.

The current options I am aware of are now:

All the above assume you have working equipment. If not, the local council household waste centre is the only option other than leaving it on the kerbside for the pixies. http://www.kent.gov.uk/environment_and_planning/recycling_and_rubbish/ways_to_recycle/waste_and_recycling_centres/tunbridge_wells_north_farm.aspx

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