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Preparing a Windows 8 PC for first use.


Preparing a Windows 8 PC for first use.

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Apart from the usual things I'd do with any new PC (check the hardware is as specified and working, updating Windows, creating recovery media, removing bloatware and installing requested software, recording activation keys, creating a device driver recovery folder, confirming Internet security status, transfer e-mail & documents from old PC etc.) there are some Windows 8 specific tasks.

  1. Create an image that can be used to refresh the operating system without loosing all installed programs and settings. From an administratively privileged CMD window: RECIMG /createimage C:\recovery
  2. Create a shortcut to all control commands. Create a folder in the appropriate directory and name it GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
  3. Put a shortcut on the desktop to make shutting down easier: Enter 'shutdown -hybrid -s -t 00' and name it appropriately.
  4. Bootstrap straight to the desktop:
    1. From the start screen type 'schedule' and run the task scheduler
    2. Select Task Scheduler Library on the left, open the Action menu from the toolbar, and select Create Task. Give it an appropriate name.
    3. Choose the Triggers tab, select New, on the top select ?At log on?, and hit OK.
    4. Choose the Actions tab, select New, for the Program/Script value enter 'explorer', and hit OK.
  5. Set all default programs to something other than the bundled apps.
  6. Install Start8 orViStart to give a Windows 7 like orb in the task bar.

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