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Warranties, insurance and guarentees


Warranties, insurance and guarentees

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Is there a fault with your latest gadget ? First, consider if it could be a software problem such as a Windows or device driver misconfiguration or corruption. If so then it is incredibly hard to prove that this is not caused by improper use or rubbish downloads. You may be pushing water uphill trying to claim in this case.

If a hardware fault is suspected then the Sale of Goods acts guarantee return or repair if the item is not as described, of unsatisfactory quality or not fit for the purpose described. Within six months it is for the seller to prove that the fault was not there at sale time. For the next 5.5 years you are covered but the onus is on you to prove the case.

Any warranty offered by the seller such as replacement within 21 days cannot detract from your statutory rights. Often this will only be of benefit if you simply change your mind and the product is in immediately resalable condition.

Note that it is the seller's responsibility to comply not the manufacturers. If you are directed to contact a party with whom you have no contract, such as the maker of the equipment, you should do so as an act of kindness maybe but you should remind the seller that this is done on their behalf to save them the trouble.

If you bought outside the UK then similar legislation applies in the EU but covers for no more than 2 years.

If you are considering taking extended warranty (a.k.a. insurance) from the supplier know that

  1. This may not give you much more than your existing legal entitlement - read the small print carefully.
  2. The seller will be making a profit on the warranty sale. If you really want extended coverage consider going to an insurance company or broker direct for a better deal.
  3. If it doesn't break within the first year then it may well last for the full duration of life expectancy.

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