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Disaster Recovery Plans


Disaster Recovery Plans

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Readers with an astonishing memory will recall my blog of 20th April 2008 where I reported details of my new PC. Well after almost 5 years of constant use it broke so I now have essentially a new one as I replaced so many components. There may be lessons to learn though.

I did have a disaster recovery plan and I?m happy to report that it didn?t take long for me to get back in business with no lost data. This really is essential if your computer is important to you. You need to know when disaster strikes how you will resource replacement hardware in a suitable time frame (my clients could consider a loaner from me). Also, how to get the necessary software (with suitable versions and license keys). And of course how to recover data from your backup.

How could the disaster have been prevented ? In my case I can?t be sure; normally when multiple components fail at the same time I find no working surge protector deployed. But this was not the case for me as I have an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) which should do that job. I know it is still working as I have tested it. So my best guess is that either an electrical disturbance entered via my fax transmission cable or the TV antenna (I have now done away with both). Alternatively, a failure in the power supply unit could conceivably have sent a jolt of juice through the system ? certainly it was one of the components that had to be replaced.

My current concern is that the monitor screen may be on its last legs as it makes disturbing noises first thing in the morning. But then so do I so I?m in no position to criticise. I have already repaired it once (as reported on my blog of 12th November 2010) so next time I may have to bite the bullet and splash the cash.

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