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Precautions for loss or theft of tablets and mobile devices.


Precautions for loss or theft of tablets and mobile devices.

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Mobile phones, USB devices and tablet computers get lost or stolen every day. Now, while you still have yours, is a good time to prepare for the dreadful day so as to mitigate the disaster this often is.

  • Encryption can make the device unusable or at least make your personal data inpenatrable. This can be done on the entire disk or just a folder or two. Truecryptis a free program that may enable this.
  • Sensible password protection will delay access to your device. This means ensuring that a complex (at least 8 characters of mixed case and numbers) unique password has to be entered before the device can be powered up.
  • Remote disabling devices are available for all handsets and third party apps. Once you notice your loss you just phone or log on to the appropriate place and have a signal sent to the device to disable it. Examples include Find my iPhone, AndroidLost.com, Blackberry Protect, WindowsPhone. And for laptops/tablets consider Prey.
  • Insurance can help with the replacement costs.
  • Use a cloud based synchronization storage facility to replicate and backup important files. Eg. Dropbox, SkyDrive, Mozy.
  • Mark the device in some way to help prove ownership - invisible ink perhaps. Also, retain a photograph of the serial number (not on the device itself though).

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