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Privacy and tracking


Privacy and tracking

Following the Snowdon affair privacy has come to public gaze recently. You may be of the view that someone somewhere will certainly always have the ability to track you and as you don't do anything illegal good luck to them. For those who prefer not to receive targetted ads or have their movements around the Web recorded so easily there are a couple of things to know.

  1. Avoid Google. They are masters of recoding data and making it available - often in ways we would want. There is a search engine that has the avoidance of tracking as it's main selling point. It is DuckDuckGo. A silly name maybe, but that's not important. Visithttps://duckduckgo.com/aboutto learn more. They even have an extension for the Google Chrome browser.

  2. Set your browser to not allow 3rd party tracking cookies. (Un)surprisingly Google's Chrome does not offer this, but it is possible in

Update: Google Chrome does now record Do Not Track Requests - although just as with the other browsers requests may not be honoured by many web sites. Go to Settings > Advanced > Privacy and check the box.

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