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What caused my computer to fail ?


What caused my computer to fail ?

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The answer is that I don?t know. Sometimes forensic examination can determine the cause but this is prohibitivley expensive. There are several things that can cause corruptions but I have no way of knowing which apply in any particular instance. An incomplete list of examples would be

  • Virus action ? no security suites can be 100% effective, hence the importance of getting the best each year as they change that often
  • Updates from Microsoft or others are often suspected of being culpable
  • Hardware defects in the manufacturing process or sometimes just caused by too numerous thermal cycles
  • Users making adjustments can mess things up; including running programs that purport to ?clean the registry? or eliminate malware/adware/spyware/bloatware
  • Bad coding and testing in an otherwise trusted program
  • Electrical disturbances (surges, sags, brownouts, spikes) ? particularly if there is no surge protector employed, although this is less of a problem on devices that include their own electronic filters
  • Physical jolts such as someone tripping over a power cord, dropping, or knocking the device
  • Liquid ingress ? worse with sugar filled drinks and alcohol
  • Junkware ? programs that are installed without the owners knowing consent typically advertising something and bundled in with wanted freeware
  • Problems between two ?legitimate? programs that run into timing or locking conflicts
  • Abrupt shutdown, perhaps by loss of power or the result of an earlier problem; in this case files held in memory are not flushed to disk.
  • Fate

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