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Security ? why bother ?


Security ? why bother ?

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There are few technophiles who do not know of the free Tor browser ? one which wraps communications in multiple encryption envelopes to thwart eavesdroppers.   With that installed it is a short hop to The Hidden Wiki or other places on the Dark Web to purchase many services not openly available.  Some are listed below to emphasise why sensible people take security seriously ? I?m thinking 

  • Unique, complex and long passwords for each use
  • Two or three factor authentication where privacy matters
  • Encrypting folders and entire disk drives
  • Using updated paid-for internet security suites of repute
  • Updating Windows and programs as soon as security patches are released
  • Carefully scrutinising downloads to avoid malware infection
  • Not clicking links or running executables from email
  • Setting privacy settings appropriately in social media haunts
  • Consider use of a VPN such as CyberGhost

So let?s get to it ? here?s a small sample of what is available right now

Basic credit card data 50p
Denial of Service for 1 day    £1.00
Sending 1 million spam messages  £5.00
Botnet hire for 1 hour  £10.00
Facebook account hacking £50.00
Planting malware on a website £75.00
Gmail account hacking £75.00
Trojan virus to order  £100.00
Bank details with > £75k in credit  £300.00
Exploit kit to roll your own malware     £300.00

And other services by negotiation.

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