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Printing without computer and USB cable.


Printing without computer and USB cable.

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Most printers bought today have a wireless card and so can be used from any device anywhere. This can happen in different ways.

  1. Typically you will run the printer manufacturer's installation program on your computer that will guide you through setting it up for that computer. Once done the computer could share the printer to others in the network, but to enable printing without going through the computer it is normally better to install the printer drivers on other computers.
  2. Cloud services are a good way of printing without going to the trouble of installing device drivers. There are two non-printer manufacturer generic services that are common:
    • Google Cloud Print is easy to setup once you have a Google account. In your Chrome browser select Settings > Show Advanced Settingsthen press the Sign in to Google Cloud Print button. Most printers are compatible and can be added in this way. Even if not your free cloud storage option, Google Drive, is available should you want to save a document there before logging on to a computer that does have printer access, from where you will be able to print. It is also possible to give printer access to friends - handy, for example, if your visitors want to print their boarding cards before leaving for the airport. Many apps are able to access Cloud Print also as listed here.
    • Apple's AirPrint is easy to setup but not all printers are compatible - especially the olduns. Your Apple device will automatically see the printer if both are switched on and connected to the network. Many apps such as your Chrome or Safari browser, and Pages are AirPrint compliantand will just present the printers without any further ado.
  3. Many printer manufacturers enable printing my giving the printer its own email address then it will print whatever is sent to it. Not so good for complex documents but fine for 'regular' jobs.
  4. Apps are available from the printer manufacturers to take the computerout of the picture. Failing that apps such as PrinterPro enable printing where manufacturer support is lacking.

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