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Email netiquette


Email netiquette

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So here?s the thing ? if you are kind enough to invite me round for dinner and afterwards place a cup of coffee before me I will feel bad. I?d appreciate the gesture but I don?t drink coffee so I would either have to drink it (yuk) to avoid upsetting you or cause embarrassment by asking you to throw it away. If only you had put water before me ? something that everyone drinks and there?s no problem tossing it down the sink.

It?s the same with email attachments ? if you assume that the recipient can read your chosen format you may be wrong. Far better to convert to a universally recognised format such as .PDF - a format that, unlike editable documents (such as Word.DOCx or Ability Write.aww) is very hard to inject an infection into.

Also, it is polite to make it clear whether you are emailing a distribution list (or mail merge) to a large group or just an individual. Replies to an individually addressed person are polite, whereas a mass mailing does not warrant a reply from everyone merely to acknowledge receipt.

Mailing several people ? Use the BCC: field to hide the addresses from other addressees. That way a single virus infected computer cannot harvest all your correspondents? addresses in preparation for spear phishing attacks.

Wanting to send a few photos to someone ? Have a thought for their time and download capacity. Rather than attaching many individual files just upload them to a free cloud store (e.g. Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox) then share the link.

Too busy to reply to a message within 24 hours ? Send an acknowledgement of receipt ? save the other side from wondering whether it was lost in transit and having to decide when to send you a pester note.

Please comment below about the above or any that I have missed.

P.S. Although not strictly on topic, when you make a post in a forum think about the subject and how anyone visiting later would be searching. Titles such as "another problem" or "what causes this" give no clue to the subject under discussion, will get far fewer people bothered to go to the trouble of reading through to help in your case, and give no regard to later generations trying to avoid reinventing the wheel.

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