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Backing up emails and browser accounts


Backing up emails and browser accounts

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As Microsoft's File History (pretty much the same as what Apple have called Time Machine for donkey's years) is now being used by more people than before, it is pertinent to warn/advise that by default it only backs up Libraries, Desktop, Favourites, and Contacts (only those in the Windows People folder too).

So if you want anything else preserved as a protection for accidental deletion or some other risk you have to manually add the appropriate folder(s) to a library - perhaps even a new one you create just for this purpose. So if, for example, you use Windows Live Mail as your email client then
C:\Users\<accountname>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail
Would be the folder to add to your backup library.

Note that if your email account is setup to use the current IMAP way of synchronising with your mail server then there is no need to backup those messages as they are already on the server, just the 'storage folders' held locally need be copied.

Strangely, if you want your Windows Live Mail contacts backed up you have to arrange to copy
C:\Users\<accountname>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live\Contacts

On a related subject, most browsers now allow you to create an account which will then synchronise your favourite bookmarks, passwords, history, and some other settings with any other devices you use that account on. So if, for example, your browser or indeed the entire computer get trashed, you can use another browser on another computer and not lose any of your saved data. It's a good thing.

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