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Lost network connection ? Reset your stack missus.


Lost network connection ? Reset your stack missus.

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It's strange how a problem may not crop up for a year or two then it pops up two or three times in quick succession. I suppose the expression about busses, taxis, policemen, and prostitutes must have originated for much the same reason.

The scenario is that you have a Windows computer that has lost its connection to the internet. Restart the computer: problem persists. Even restart the router: problem persists. Your other devices can connect without difficulty though - must be something to do with the Windows computer.

Right click the Windows key/start button and select Command Prompt (Admin)
Accept the UAC messages about making changes to your device then type in

NETSH WINSOCK RESETand press <enter>
NETSH INT IP RESET and press <enter>

When it finishes restart the computer and notice you now have an internet connection.

Happy Christmas.

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