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Why a private domain ?


Why a private domain ?

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When the time comes to move away from an internet service provider that is hosting a client's email I always suggest consideration of a private domain.  So in the email address Eugene@1Computercare.co.uk  the  1Computercare.co.uk  is my private domain and it costs me less than £10 a year to maintain. What are the benefits of using this address ?

  • It means that I can hide my email repository from correspondents. So if I feel like changing to another I can do so without informing anyone and no email is lost.

  • It adds a certain kudos to private addresses and professionalism to business related ones.

  • It is can be more memorable and easier to type than whatever is allocated by one of the large providers.

  • Finally, and what prompts me to write this now,  it enables me to trace where a sender got my email address from.  I am free to put absolutely any string in front of @1Computercare.co.uk so I could have a separate address for other family members, indeed the pets can all have their own address.  So when I sign up for an account with any of the myriad websites that require it I can incorporate the website address in the email.  This policy comes into its own when (not if) one of the sites is the subject of a security breach. 

 As previously advised in this blog I subscribe to automated warnings from the wonderful https://haveibeenpwned.com and this morning I received the following message from them

Well you can bet your bottom dollar that the first thing I did was to visit all those sites and change my passwords to something that was long, strong, and unique.  

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