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WannaCrypt ransomware worm attack


WannaCrypt ransomware worm attack

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Today the news is full of thousands of computers, especially NHS owned, that have been infected with a variant of the WannaCrypt ransomware. I am asked how to protect against this type of attack and the answer is simple.

  • Run the latest version of Windows (that's 10)
  • Manually confirm that it is updated frequently (Settings > Update & security)
  • Ensure other programs have latest security patches installed (Ninite)
  • Maintain a third party paid for malware protection program e.g. BitDefender
  • Backup your files and retain the backup for a few months at least (e.g. File History program)
  • Regularly confirm that backup is working and test recover to confirm so and cement the procedure in your memory
  • Do not click links in emails or open executable attachments [this applies to the more comon trojan viruses rather than worms such as WannaCrypt but the advice bears recording here]

If you do get infected unplug the computer from the mains until professional help arrives and do not pay the ransom or phone the number given by the bad software.

Please pass a link to this on to those you care about.

Details on this specific infection are at

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