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This type virus du jour has been in the news a lot lately. Hence the following suggestions for preventing you becoming a victim are opportune. Backup. You need this to be automated and with versioning enabled, retain backups for longer than 6… more »


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Today the news is full of thousands of computers, especially NHS owned, that have been infected with a variant of the WannaCrypt ransomware. I am asked how to protect against this type of attack and the answer is simple. Run the latest version of W… more »


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When the time comes to move away from an internet service provider that is hosting a client's email I always suggest consideration of a provate domain. So in the email address the is my private doma… more »


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1. You receive a phone call purportedly from a local number (CLI can be faked) 2. The voice on the end introduces themselves and the company they supposedly work for (thieves lie) 3. They then ask: ?Can you hear me?? or "Are you there?? 4. Your answe… more »


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Again, someone has already written the answer as I would so rather than reinvent the wheel I'll direct you to My only addition would be to say that in some cases an attack can be thwarted as t… more »


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I couldn't express it any better than more »


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In a word, yes. You?re probably aware of the commonly used arguments against this: that Apple Store software is curated and thus harder to impregnate, also that there are so few Macs that the bad guys are more likely to target the lower and more plent… more »

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