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I've been asked to link to It seems like a concise guide worth the read of anyone with concerns in this area. more »


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Today the news is full of thousands of computers, especially NHS owned, that have been infected with a variant of the WannaCrypt ransomware. I am asked how to protect against this type of attack and the answer is simple. Run the latest version of W… more »


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Operating system. Windows is so common that others may not be given sufficient thought. Apples OSX is good but unless you are used to it some familiarisation training time should be allowed for, and the implied cost is much more than Windows. Chro… more »


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1. You receive a phone call purportedly from a local number (CLI can be faked) 2. The voice on the end introduces themselves and the company they supposedly work for (thieves lie) 3. They then ask: ?Can you hear me?? or "Are you there?? 4. Your answe… more »


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It's not that I am too lazy to write now, just that others do it better than I. This article will help position your keyboard, screen and chair to avoid pain (a subject 12 inches below my heart right now).… more »


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I couldn't express it any better than more »


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It's strange how a problem may not crop up for a year or two then it pops up two or three times in quick succession. I suppose the expression about busses, taxis, policemen, and prostitutes must have originated for much the same reason. The scenario… more »

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