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There have been no testimonials entered at since May 2017 and indeed this blog is no longer maintained either. This is because I now do voluntarry work and have cut down the hours available to maintain… more »


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When the time comes to move away from an internet service provider that is hosting a client's email I always suggest consideration of a provate domain. So in the email address the is my private doma… more »


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A little time ago I was given a laptop to work on while the customer waited. Unlike all jobs where I work on the computer alone, I did not take an image backup before I started as my customer would not want to sit for an hour while I took thisprecau… more »


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The size of your monitor is one of those things that you only appreciate when you have a larger one. Just like dialup internet many people thing they work fine with the old 19" CRT but after a week with a twin 24" LCT setup they soon realise that as a… more »


I think it may be interesting for readers to know that the following graph shows wireless signal strength over a period of 90 seconds as measured from a laptop positioned 2 metres from a router in the same room using the 2.4 GHz frequency band. This… more »


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When your computer becomes slow or your disk drive fills up or you upgrade to a new computer because of failure, you may want to copy things to the new faster disk drive. Clearly the copying of documents, photos, and music is relatively straight forwar… more »


Following the Snowdon affair privacy has come to public gaze recently. You may be of the view that someone somewhere will certainly always have the ability to track you and as you don't do anything illegal good luck to them. For those who prefer not t… more »

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