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Here's a handy tip for those times when your phone rings and it's someone claiming to be "Microsoft", "Your virus protection company", "BT Openreach" or any other scammer looking to thrive by fleecing good natured folks.

Get a whistle just like the referees have and keep it by the phone. When you receive the call rather than hanging up immediately as I have previously suggested, say a few words back in a soft and gentle voice; so soft that the caller has to turn the volume up full. Now reach for the whistle and fill your lungs to greatest capacity before giving it your all.

Now you can hang up after a job well done. Now if everyone did that we may save some poor wretch from losing their shirt. Please pass a link to this blog post on to a friend.



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  1. You receive a phone call purportedly from a local number (CLI can be faked)
  2. The voice on the end introduces themselves and the company they supposedly work for (thieves lie)
  3. They then ask: "Can you hear me"? or "Are you there"?
  4. Your answer is recorded
  5. If you say "yes", your response will be edited to make it seem as though you have agreed to a verbal contract for a major purchase.

I know that people think it's impolite to hang up, but it's a good strategy. If you don't recognise the number, don't answer. A genuine caller will leave a message. At the very least, don't speak at all until you are absolutely certain of the caller's bone fides.

If you are lonely call a genuine person. see


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It's not that I am too lazy to write now, just that others do it better than I. This article will help position your keyboard, screen and chair to avoid pain (a subject 12 inches below my heart right now).



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Surprisingly I have just come upon yet another article that I think would fit well here and is written at least as well as I would write it myself.


It answers a lot of the common questions I am asked in a succinct way without trying to sell anything.


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Again, someone has already written the answer as I would so rather than reinvent the wheel I'll direct you to

My only addition would be to say that in some cases an attack can be thwarted as there are published recovery keys to some forms of attack. This comes about as law enforcement agencies seize the controlling computers and can then publish unlocking keys in some circumstances.

The only sensible protection from this most prevalent form of attack is smart anti-virus protection (e.g. BitDefender) and a considered and verified backup plan.



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It's strange how a problem may not crop up for a year or two then it pops up two or three times in quick succession. I suppose the expression about busses, taxis, policemen, and prostitutes must have originated for much the same reason.

The scenario is that you have a Windows computer that has lost its connection to the internet. Restart the computer: problem persists. Even restart the router: problem persists. Your other devices can connect without difficulty though - must be something to do with the Windows computer.

Right click the Windows key/start button and select Command Prompt (Admin)
Accept the UAC messages about making changes to your device then type in

NETSH WINSOCK RESETand press <enter>
NETSH INT IP RESET and press <enter>

When it finishes restart the computer and notice you now have an internet connection.

Happy Christmas.

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