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  eBay Sales  

Many folks are understandably daunted at the prospect of listing items for auction.  Apart from the difficulty of creating an effective and professional looking advertisement with professional quality photographs, and the time and trouble needed to set up payment options, there are the issues of privacy and handling potential purchasers.  We will collect your unwanted items and sell them for the best price possible. 


You receive an e-mailed link to the auction when it starts and can then ask for any revisions to be made.  After the hammer falls we send you a cheque or electronic funds transfer for the balance of the sale price less fees.  Easy.  


We have been eBay officially recognised Trading Assistants so you can sell through us with confidence that your unwanted items will get attain the best prices possible.


Reasons for using this service rather than selling yourself

  • The considerable time and effort required to learn eBay effective selling mores, research, list and complete an auction sale are avoided

  • 1ComputerCare has much experience in designing effective HTML sale sheets with attractive photos

  • We have a very high feedback rating dating with history back to March 2002 to give supreme confidence to potential bidders

  • Maintain your privacy and security - no viewers or buyers knock at your door - confidentiality assured.  No risk of identity theft or bots picking up your e-mail address to sell to spammers.

  • No need to register with PayPal, Nochex or other payment schemes.  Keep your personal and financial details secret.

What is included in this service ?

  • Photos - we produce as many colour images as required to fully show off the item, taken, hosted and edited by us

  • A high quality HTML formatted description written with your input if required, researched as necessary

  • Items are collected before the auction & returned to you if unsold

  • Hyperlink sent at start of auction so you can keep track of the sale if you choose or suggest alterations

  • Potential bidders questions answered promptly usually without your being troubled

  • Viewings of the item in advance of bidding arranged at our location

  • We supply suitable packing materials to fully protect the item then weigh it and calculate the shipping costs

  • Items are shipped worldwide within 24 hours of the hammer falling, or the buyer may choose to collect from us

  • Payment sent to the you within 2 days of payment being received together with detailed financial account [example]

  • Minimum sale price agreed with you before the auction is listed

What are the fees & terms ?

  • The owner agrees to 1ComputerCare retaining 20% of the pre-expense total receipts per auction

  • The fee drops to 10% of sums in excess of 100

  • There is a 5 minimum charge per auction whether the item sells or not, to help defray costs as listed above, almost all of which are incurred before the auction starts.  If an item is not sold and relisted in a second auction, there is no additional charge to 1ComputerCare if the item does not sell (if it does, eBay may refund the second insertion fee).

  • The owner is liable for eBay fees and PayPal fees or Nochex fees (plus postage and packing costs although these are normally added to the price to be paid by the purchaser).

  • In the unlikely event of an upheld claim against the auction, the owner may have to return sums already received.

  • We will sell any item except those on eBay's prohibited and restricted list.

You may drop off your items for sale (by appointment), but as we do not charge for collection in the local area why bother ?   If your item is too large or heavy to fit in a standard car, there may be a charge if you want us to collect and warehouse the item until sold. 


Please include a list of as many facts about the item as possible - in fact a complete description and history are very useful for increasing the sale price.  We describe as best we can but are probably not as qualified as you in the field of the item you want to sell.  Original product packaging and paperwork will boost the sale price too. 


Please be honest and up-front about any defects - our experience is that honesty is the best policy as by showing the faults potential bidders gain confidence that there will be no surprises if they win the auction.  If there is a minimum price you will sell at (excluding fees) please make it known when you pass the item to us as otherwise it could sell for just 99p !  


We do not usually offer a return policy to bidders except by prior arrangement or for clothing.  For auctions where a 7 or 14 day return is offered, payment to the owner will be delayed by that period.  We act as your agents in the sale, and only accept items that may legally be sold by you.  


Our practice it to not place reserve prices on items and relist once in case of no sale unless specifically asked to do otherwise.  If an item does not sell on the second attempt we will either deliver the item back to you, take it to a charity shop or list it on Freecycle - which ever is your preference.


See case notes C4.

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