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  1ComputerCare Charges  

If the scope of the work is clearly definable at the start of a job, clients may choose a fixed price (examples below) before the start of the job.  Otherwise a variable time based rate, perhaps with a pre-determined maximum, will apply. 


The variable rate is 40 an hour for workshop based jobs or 50 an hour for work undertaken at the client's premises.  These rates will be reduced by 10% for invoices settled in full within 7 days.  Time is billed in and rounded to 6 minute increments and a minimum of one hour is charged except for remote support.  A fee only becomes payable if a resolution to your problem is delivered. 


Travel beyond 10 miles is charged at 45p per mile.  Also included with each workshop based job is 30 minutes to deliver, setup and demonstrate the PC with the problem resolved (60 minutes for a new computer delivery).


The following example fixed fees are mainly for work done at the 1ComputerCare workshop assuming payment within 7 days


Virus and malware removal 75 plus 10 for each Windows account
Performance enhancement 45 for hardware analysis, process control & one account malware (not virus) cleaning done at client's premises
Routine maintenance service

Including performance enhancement, Regular: 65, Extended: 85

Laptop repair 130 payable in advance (including 25 non-refundable collection & delivery fee)
Data recovery For mountable non-RAID disks 40, if reconstruction required from 80
Windows reinstallation For an in-place repair pre Vista SP2, 70.  Complete reformat and recovery of data: 125
Motherboard replacement

including Windows repair and core component drivers.  130

Hard disk drive repair 95 to include fault diagnosis, image restore, disk installation and Windows repair


45 covers installation of additional or replacement memory, graphics card, USB ports etc.

Data transfer To move e-mail accounts & messages, documents, music & photos, favourite bookmarks, address book: 25 per account
System analysis etc. 75 includes new notebook & tower PCs supplied at wholesale cost price.
Broadband analysis Free
Broadband configuration 50 for up to two hours.  New supply or migration, wired or wireless, same rate. 
Remote support 9 per 15 minutes - first 15 minutes a month free.
eBay sales

20% of all receipts for each auction for the first 100 then 10% of the remainder.  Minimum: 5


30 to collect and recycle your PC.  15 to securely & permanently destroy data on the hard disk drive.

Domain registration 18 for UK domains for two years.


The above rates do not include parts.  No VAT is added to labour charges.  To receive a quotation please contact Eugene.  The above is supplemental to the Terms of Business.  Charges may change in April or October without further notice.  Fixed fee jobs will be re-invoiced at the variable rate if unpaid within 7 days.  Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hour's notice are 20.  Add 3% if paying by card.