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May 2007.  My good intentions of maintaining an almost regular newsletter have come to nothing since Autumn 2006 I'm afraid.  The reason is simply lack of time to assemble something of anything like the quality I would want to put my name to.  This is my last month advertising in Yellow Pages, so I am anticipating more time coming up soon.  I'm just hoping it's not too much free time    Until the next newsletter does appear, I think it would be a good wheeze to add items here, rather like a blog. 

Free anti-virus.  Normally I poo-poo such free products as they are usually just an inducement to buy a fuller product, that otherwise would not warrant customers' spending money.  However, an exception has come to light:
http://www.activevirusshield.com/antivirus/freeav/index.adp?  will lead you to a free copy of Kaspersky, one of the better rated products.  Normally the acronym 'AOL' would be enough to scare me off any product, but in this case there is no requirement to use AOL.  The only advice would be to use a disposable e-mail address for activation, and to decline the offer of the toolbar during installation.