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Performance Review

Although not as beneficial as a full maintenance service, a performance improvement session may be all your computer needs to recover lost youth.  A faster computer is more enjoyable to use and can delay the date when a replacement is required.  There are four main reasons why computers slow with age (usually imperceptibly)
  • Too many concurrent programs running.  When first installed, Windows has about 40 programs running in the background.  As more applications are installed this can creep up to almost 100 and each one is competing for the same limited resource.  By introducing a switch to enable little used processes to run on demand rather than when Windows is started, you can reclaim the hardware for the foreground programs you want to use.
  • Adware and spyware are pernicious applications that often appear when you install a 'regular' program or sometimes even when you do no more than visit an apparently harmless website.  Some of this malware is prevented or removed by your Internet security suite, but none of them can remove it all.  This service does.
  • Disk fragmentation is the gradual splitting of files and programs over different parts of your hard disk drive.  It happens on all systems and greatly slows the computer, as reading from disk is usually the slowest operation of a computer, and if two or more reads are required when one would suffice, a heavy speed penalty ensues. This is especially noticeable on versions of Windows before Vista.
  • Hardware limitations.  As new software is released it is often aimed at modern hardware.  A small component upgrade can be all that is needed.  Typically adding additional volatile memory will cost about 25 and produce a sudden boost to your productivity.  This service will analyse your computer and recommend upgrades if there are any cost effective ones available.