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  Repairs and Upgrades  
If it's broken, we can fix it.... well almost.  We have the diagnostic tools to enable us to isolate not just the main component (e.g. hard disk drive, motherboard) which is failing, but usually down to sub-component (e.g. terminal controller circuit) level.  Because we have independent test beds even completely dead computers can be tested and diagnosed.  You can expect to receive a costed recommendation when replacement is cheaper than repair.

A common problem is an unstartable system.  Known colloquially as the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death, our aim is to repair the fault without reinstalling Windows from scratch, thereby saving the need for all programs to be reinstalled and all data copied from your backups.

Lost passwords can usually be reset or revealed. 

Also, we can often obtain replacement parts for PCs which are so old that they are not economically viable to repair.  We do this as we are often more interested in the technical challenge than the bottom line - although a boy does need to eat :-)

Often a single component can be upgraded to improve the performance of a machine which would otherwise be ready for replacement.  A performance improvement service is offered.

Remember: No Fix - No Fee as promised in our Terms.

Laptop computers require much more time than towers to simply open them before a job and close them after.  Repairing them can easily get expensive if charged on a time and materials basis, so we offer a fixed price deal

To protect yourself against large repair costs, consider computer insurance.