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  Welcome to your new Broadband Service  

Unless your needs are unusual (e.g. very remote location, you host a server, large or especially fast data transfer needed) I will recommend PlusNet, a subsidiary of BT with whom I have personally received good service for over two years.  I chose PlusNet having visited many clients of different providers and summarising the best practice in my ISP Checklist.  


If you are taking broadband for the first time there is normally a lead time of about a week before service starts.  If asked to help with provision, when I know the provisional date for connection, I will call you to arrange for me to visit the day after to deliver your router (assuming you opted for the free router) and configure it and your e-mail settings.  I also test the broadband speed and connection quality and configure any wireless security you choose.  This normally takes about one hour of chargeable time.


If you already have a broadband Internet connection and are transferring (migrating) from another provider, there is usually a break of a few minutes as the switch over takes place.  Do NOT cancel your current ISP arrangement, as you will potentially incur new activation costs and about a week with no supply at all.  New settings will need to be applied to your modem/router and there will probably be changes that have to be applied to your e-mail settings.  Please let me know whether you are comfortable making these yourself or if you would like me to visit and take care of it.  After you have started receiving service from the new provider, it would be wise to ensure that outstanding direct debit or standing order instructions in favour of the previous supplier are cancelled. 


If you have chosen home phone supply this will take about three weeks to switch over.  You will retain the same phone number and probably not notice when the change to the new supplier takes place.  You will be billed pro rata for the first part month.  Broadband phone (VoIP) only takes a day or two to arrange.


The new provider will issue a username and password that will be needed to confirm your identity when phoning, using their website or making a  broadband connection.  I normally pass this information on to you when I visit.  If you do not want me to be able to view details of the services provided to you, you are free to change the password, but I will then not be able to assist as described below.


If you have any problem with the service you should be receiving, you may contact the ISP yourself or you are welcome to ask me to liaise on your behalf; this may be easier if you are not familiar with the technology used to provide the service or don’t have time to work through an issue to final resolution.  Although the referral commission I receive from PlusNet is small, usually just £3 a year, I make no charge to existing clients as long as I do not need to visit your premises and the issue does not escalate to become inordinately time consuming.


After you have been with the new ISP for a few months I encourage you to ask me to review whether you are on the optimal package – it is sometimes possible to switch to a cheaper service that provides all that the pervious months’ history shows you are actually using.  Again, there is no additional charge for this.


Unless asked otherwise, my e-mail address will be retained on the ISP's system as your technical contact.  This will enable me to be alerted when you approach a usage limit or a subscription payment does not clear.  I will then contact you to advise of the situation.


Switching Internet Service Providers is normally very simple.  The only possible inconvenience is if you have an e-mail address that is based on a service provided by another ISP.  When income from a client stops, the e-mail storage provider will usually not be willing to continue funding the service.  In this case you may have to choose a new e-mail address